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January 19, 2010


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sansku :)

hei tiina,
kiitos kommentistasi blogillani. onpa sulla täällä kiva blogi. tulen uudelleenkin.

lintu sininen

Tracy (Amuse-bouche for Two)

You have such a beautiful site here. Thank you for stopping by my little blog. :)


Sansku, kiitos vastavierailusta. Kiva tavata!

Tracy, thanks for the visit. Lovely to meet you!


I love the pink dough- how fun!


I think that this recipe might be my soul mate! Thank you SO much!


These look so pink, petite and perfect. I have never made rolls with goat cheese before, so this would be new to me. Of course, I have never used beets to dye my dough either....
I am just wondering how you serve these. Are they a dish in themselves, or do they pair better with breakfast or dinner?


I love to eat them on their own, maybe with a cup of tea. But they are great with dinner, and why not breakfast too, just like biscuits. (And I have to admit that I often spread some extra soft goat cheese on top too.)


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