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March 26, 2010


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Mmm! These look fantastic!


wow these sound good i'll bet they would make a terrific addition to a brunch buffet


omg, hubby would kill for such a breakfast ! :D ahah
oh yum, that looks sooooo good & tasty, Tiina ! xoxo


Oh my god! This looks so tasty and delicious, I can hardly wait to try it. But we are all on a diet because we are sick, even my baby girl. We have temperature, tummy ache and we are taking medicine. Mhhhh I don´t want to eat rice and soup anymore!!!!!!


Looks absolutely delicious, especially with the sprinkling of cheese on top. I'm like you - my first crepe never turns out well - but who am I to complain when I get to eat all the 'test' ones :)


Please don't make them with your eyes closed! ;P
I love crepes too, it's great how versatile they are, sweet, savoury, with buckwheat flour...Also, love your photos, as usual.

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