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March 30, 2010


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Maija Haavisto

Stupid question, but where do you buy corn syrup in Finland or do you order it online? I've been looking for it for ages, tried the largest grocery stores, some "America" stores, specialty stores etc... Punnitse & Säästä told me they might be ordering it and wrote down my phone number, but it seems they never got it after all.


Hi Maija, I've had the same issue with finding corn syrup here. I bring a bottle with me every time I travel to the U.S. In Finland, I have bought it from Behnford's. They are located in WTC Plaza in Helsinki, and also have an online store. They have a pretty good selection of ingredients typical in North American cooking such as condensed milk and molasses. The syrup is rather expensive but I don't use it often. I think regular light food syrup (vaalea siirappi) that is available everywhere would also work just fine. Have to test next time:)


Sooo pretty! I've been intrigue with the homemade marshmallows, but haven't tried making them yet. I can't get corn syrup here in Norway either. I will have to try it with the lighter syrup that is available and see how that goes. Happy Day, Tiina :o)

Maija Haavisto

Thanks for the information. I believe I looked there some time ago and they didn't have it, but that was quite a while ago.

I'm not actually looking to make this recipe, but some other recipes, and at least in some candy recipes normal light syrup cannot replace corn syrup. Apparently corn syrup hardens more than the Finnish stuff and things that are supposed to end up hard or solid can end up very soft... Yeah, I've tried. :-P I guess it might work in marshmallows, since they don't need to harden.


This American is blissfully happy that I have all these ingredients in my pantry. I've been yearning to make homemade marshmallows with my little one and I think this post has pushed me to do it!


Thank you, Tracy!

Andrea, I'm sure the little one would love to make (and eat!) these. It is such a fun project with sticky batter and all. Potentially quite messy as well:)


I haven't made marshmallows before, but these look divine! Just in time for camping season here!


Never tried to make marshmallows at home! I should give it a go. They look so lovely! :)


Here in Sweden you can get corn syrup at specialty food stores like Greys American Foods and the English Shop. Maybe you all have something similar?


Your marshmallows look beautiful! I made these once and burned out my hand mixer...but they were wonderful in hot chocolate at Christmas.


Your pictures are so pretty!

I have been wanting to make marshmallows with egg whites instead of just using whipped sugar syrup... Thanks for the recipe!


I made some home made marshmallows last year from a Gourmet recipe. They were so interesting to make and they were so good and different. Your recipe is a bit different so i'm going to try it. Who doesn't like a marshmallow?


Some chocolate, some graham crackers and some fire; and we have a party! Great pics once again!


Thanks for the comments everyone! Lovely to hear from you all. I think egg whites in the batter gave the marshmallows a lot more volume; they turned so beautiful and fluffy. Everyone has loved them!


can we substitute corn syrup with something else,m from egypt and i have hard time finding it too,thanx


Hi Soha, I have tested the recipe only with corn syrup but I do think it would work with regular light food syrup as well. Greetings to Egypt!


homemade marshmallows are indeed quite magical! :)

I used to hate marshmallows, but now that I've had the real thing...im HOOKED! lol

Denise @ Creative Kitchen

Love marshmallows, but wish I could figure out a way to make them w/out using corn syrup. Anyone know?


Thanks for stopping by, Zahra and Denise!


hey - any gelatin substitute suggestions? much appreciated, they look wonderful.


i want to make these but i have no idea what gelatin and confectioners sugar is :s
i'm in england and dont know where to look to find these ingrediants


Amazing!!!! Excellent idea :)


Thanks, Jasmine!


i tried to use cane syrup instead, worked just fine.


Thanks for letting me know, kk! I will use cane syrup next time  - I love the flavor! I have also heard that honey works as well.


So sweet! my little brother will love it! How shoud i do to get it in different colors? I mean children love colorful things !

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Hi Tiina,
Thank you because you've given this marshmallow recipe. I want to feel the homemade marshmallows. Well, I've wanted to cook food for my children. I'm sure I could make it without the help of my wife.
Can I use any syrup? Well, I agree with them if it is very difficult to get corn syrup.
Maybe I made marshmallows can be used for my kids lunch at school.
By the way, whether it should be stored in a week? What if more than one week? Are marshmallows will be damaged?


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Richard Olofsson

A bit late but; for all the Nordic ppl, use light (lys/ljus/valo) or white syrup from Dansukker or similar. Works really well as a replacement to corn syrup in most recipes.


What could you use instead of gelatine for a vegetarian version please?

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