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December 19, 2010


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I'm not also a fan of fruitcake but I would like to bake one this year, I usualy eat it at someone's place but never tried it at home. I'm gonna bake other sweets so still not sure if i'll do it. Yours look great, so christmasy.... :)


I'm not a huge fan of fruitcakes other, but yours looks yummy...and beautiful! Love the snowflake decoration, simple and elegant.


Such a fantastic idea with the stencil! I think I am maxed out on sweets-making for this season but could see the stencil making a chocolate cake look incredibly lovely.


I'm also not a fan of fruitcake. I like to replace the fruit with chocolate chips and nuts =)

I love this stencil design. That is absolutely genius against the backdrop of a dark cake. I got so excited when I saw that picture. Made my day. Thanks ;)


I NEED to remember to stencil the next time I make a cake like this one. It is so beautiful! Another not-fruitcake fan here, but love how gorgeous it looks.


I love the stencil. Have a Merry Christmas Tina and I look forward to reading your lovely blog in the New Year.


this is beautiful! You do always catch the spirit of adventure.

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I absolutely adore iittala glassware! I always went to the shop after a visit to the Marimekko store in downtown Helsinki when I was there and just drooled. Couldn't afford, but I could look! :P


I haven't tried it yet, but I've save your recipe. Maybe around Thanksgiving?

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