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December 24, 2010


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Merry Christmas!


I'm going to make this recipe today! :) Love Green Kitchen Stories'

Merry Christmas Tiina and have a splendid Happy New Year!



Merry Christmas Tiina!!

Dinners & Dreams

Tiina, it sounds pretty easy. I read somewhere that the combination of nuts and chocolate makes people happy. I'll have to make this so I can snack on it whenever I'm feeling a bit down.

Best wishes for 2011!


Andrea [bella eats]

Tiina, I am so glad that you commented on Bella Eats, because now I have found your BEAUTIFUL blog! I am blown away with the loveliness. :)

Andrea [bella eats]

Aaaaand...you have a double-vowel name! I am of Finnish descent, and my maiden name had double "A"s. So, I am partial to the double vowel. :)

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Have a warm Christmas time with lots of laughter, enjoying all the wonders of the season!

Jeremy Scott

this is beautiful! You do always catch the spirit of adventure.


Sounds like a blast! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Jag tror att denna webbplats innehåller några riktigt bra info för alla.

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