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January 16, 2011


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Lovely lovely shot and inspiration!


Beauriful shot Tiina! Love it so much! Also great recipe!

Andrea [bella eats]

I had this recipe bookmarked for our menu this week. The colors are so beautiful, perfect for this gray January weather we're having. Lovely image!


Gorgeous salad!


what a beautiful salad!!!


oh my - this looks stunning! (and I don't even like citrus!)


looks so yummy and healthy! what a sumptuous shot!

Bhavani Konings

looks great! perfect for a light and refreshing lunch...thanks!


I love the combination of beets and citrus


I really like fresh fruity flavours in a salad especially orange with a bitter leaf (spinach, rocket, watercress or as you have done frisee). Cranberry juice in the dressing is a great idea. I'll try your version instead of my favourite at this time of year - mandarin, lime juice and mustard with olive oil. Thanks Tiina

Patricia Scarpin

I have been planning and doing so much since the beginning of the year and that feels really great, Tiina - I hope everything turns out fine for you, sweetie!
What a colorful, fresh and vivid salad! Loved it!

Dinners & Dreams

The tangerine slices are so pretty and look amazing against the greens and beets. I bet this salad taste as delicious as it looks.


Julie the Alkaline Sister

Hi Tina, this looks sooo yummy! I'm a beet fanatic! I might try this with roasted beets! Challenges can be good as we grow from them but to keep your chin up take a peek at the latest book by Rhonda Byrne of the Secret-"The Power" It's fantastic for repelling the negative, dealing with surprises and attracting more of what you want! It changed my week big time when my purse was stolen in NYC. I got over it in a heart beet-hee- cuz I was reading this book! Be well:)

Brian @ A Thought For Food

So happy I found you through Tasteologie! This is a beautiful salad and I think it's a great way to use these beets I just purchased.

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

I really don't like beets. I wish I did because the are so beautiful. My tastbuds tend to disagree.

Your pictures make me want to Love beets!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake

You make the "January state of mind" sound so appealing! Very pretty salad, too pretty to eat even.


looove your blog!!
thus why i nominated you: http://dejamebailar.wordpress.com/2011/01/26/narcissism/
thanks for all the great recipes : )


What a beautiful blog you have! I saw someone tweet it and came through and OMG i love your photography and stunning, simple, healthy salads.


What a pop of color, I love it! (and happy busy 2011!) How do you go about pickling your beets, if I may ask? I don't do more than slow-roast mine...


Stunning. A bowl of citrus does work wonders on one's disposition.


What a beautiful salad! Love the colors!

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