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February 02, 2011


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What a simple and delicious dessert! I love hot fruit with ice cream. I've never tried it with peaches though! I just happen to have a vanilla ice cream in the freezer! So I think I should buy some peaches tomorrow. :)
The pork and pears recipe on Lily looks scrumptious! You definitely do a great job on Lily!


This is a great recipe but I have to wait for making it until the summer when peaches are in season. I don't like buying these kind of fruits at winter time because they are so tastless. I like it when they are frehs, produced in Hungary, sweet and juicy! :)

You posts on Lily are wonderful. Congratulations!


Hi Tiina, long time no see! Looks like a lovely everyday treat ^_^


This is absolutely my type of dessert. Such a beautiful shot, too!

Katharine @ agirlinmadrid.com

Beautiful! Love the simplicity of it.

Brian @ A Thought For Food

I saw "Baked Fruit" and thought, "Oh! How lovely! A new breakfast recipe" And then I saw the ice cream and thought "This is the BEST breakfast recipe ever!"

Cristina - Positively Beauty

Your photo is deliciously inviting...
I make the same treat, but I often use Greek yoghurt with a bit of sugar and vanilla instead of ice-cream - just to make it slightly more healthy :)


What a beautifully simple dessert. :-) It makes me smile and feel cozier just thinking about it. :-)


Your photographs are so pretty. I love everyone. This seems so simple and yummy!


that looks so good


Makes me so happy to be back and see all you here. Thank you so much for the kind comments! x


That dessert looks so good!


LOoks gorgeous, Tiina! I'd love to have some, but there's no ice cream in the fridge and not able to go out shopping for stone fruit either. Sulk :(


This looks amazing!!

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yum!! drooling over this and the post above it! Absolute perfection. I am not even a big sweets person but these look amazing.

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