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February 21, 2011


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is looks so good!

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Great Tina!!! I love cooking chicken with butter, garlic and lemon!! It´s the best!



That's a beautiful dish!

Brian @ A Thought For Food

There is one thing I really miss from my meat-eating days, and that is roast chicken. I sometimes have dreams that I go into the fridge and pull out a cold chicken leg. So, yeah, this looks fantastic.


Me too! I love roasting a whole chicken, and prepare it pretty similarly to you. That soft light is just lovely!


A roasted chicken has a special way of warming up the house. Thanks for sharing your "house" recipe

sheila @ Elements

Looks so good! I've never roasted it with lemon before but I'll bet it's wonderful like that. :)

Account Deleted

Thank you so much! This is really delicious

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A bit of lemon and herb. Olive oli and butter. Oh, I could eat this all winter long.

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Cozy and warm time in the kitchen. My perfect roasted chicken doesn't need much extra.

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