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February 10, 2011


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Lovely recipe, will definitely be trying these. Blueberry and lemon such a brilliant combination :)


so so pretty, tiina! love it.


These look great! I love that they use frozen berries. I always have bags of those on hands!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

You're right sometimes frozen berries release too much juice when they defrost, but adding a bit of cornstarch really helps. These bars look divine!

Rocio Rincon

Mmmmmh, so yummy! I need to try these. Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.


Brian @ A Thought For Food

I love crumb bars... and these totally hit the spot. Another wonderful post.


wow, they look amazing. i have to try these soon :)


So happy to see you all here. Thank you, friends! x


I know that that lovely light means it's still the thick of winter, but it makes your blueberry bars look so pretty.

Sarah, Maison Cupcake

The colour of these is fantastic, crumble on bars sounds wonderful.

Patricia Scarpin

These are amazing, Tiina! Love the bright color - and the flavors are such favorites of mine. yum!


so, so gorgeous! totally agree about the frozen berries. thank you for sharing and hope you're well! xo.


I'm making my shopping list for the farmer's market. I think I'll add frozen blueberries to the list now, and go to the supermarket as well! Looks delicious and really easy to make...Thank you Tiina (hope you aren't too cold!)

Virginia from blue fruit

Yummo! I have 3 punnets of fresh blueberries and 2 of blackberries sitting in my pantry with a "use me or lose me" kind of defiance about them.

So guess who is going to try out your scrumptious sounding recipe? Yep, me, because it is high summer right now in Melbourne so your recipe is perfect timing!

thanks ~ and I am also hoping that you aren't too awfully cold where you are. After all, spring is just around the corner for your half of the world.


I love berries in the winter (even if they are frozen!). This is one of my favorite combos, so I will have to try soon. Love how easy the directions are!


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This looks delicious, but I have a few questions.

Which amount of sugar goes with the dough and which with the berries? I figure the first listed goes with the dough and second with the berries, but I am unsure. Also when using frozen berries do I need to let the thaw first?


Meegan, thanks for your comment! You're right, the first sugar amount is for the dough and the second is to be mixed with the berries. If you're using frozen blueberries, you can use straight out of the freezer and no thawing is needed. The corn starch will help the juice that comes out of the berries to turn into a jam like texture. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

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I just found your site today and made the lemon rosemary chicken bake with lemon blueberry bars for dessert and it was YUMMY. My toddler twins ate a drumstick each chanting "nummy, nummy, nummy" all the way. Thank you!

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